Tattoo's? and T - Shirts!

My logo has one of my favorite drawn tattoos, a drawing I did in a bad mood, but the end result made me feel a lot better. Personal feelings, and circumstances around me force cause this effect, my level of stress produces my favorite work, but I don't like to reminisce because of the feeling that I was in, I like the better mood that I feel.

So today I'm posting these two art pieces as example sketches of a little tatt work. 
Yes it is Rae Sremmurd (Rae Srummund) I had their song, Black Beetles on repeat, I swill still put that on repeat, every version, I just love the cadence!
I had to get it out of my head some how! I love this group!

B.Alon Brown
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So Recently I have done some more tattoo drawings and I would change my mind on my favorite tattoo drawing but I am just in a debate with myself about it.

Recent Drawings can be found here

More drawing can be found here: