College? [UPDATED 2018]

Well I guess it's time you know, I went for Art,
so What are you going to do with it?
I freelance, but I just came across another
Great idea, why not blog about it?
I Would LOVE INPUT, and insight,
It would keep me inspired!
That's the biggest thing!
So Here is to the new years
A sketch I put together in my head, and wanted to see how it would look on paper, 
I would love a little insight here in the creative process.
A recent piece I put through looked like this
I had a lot of fun here!

For more go visit my ig: ARTKIDTASTIC, however, my blog won't have the same content, at least not until it's purchased. Once they are purchased they will show up on the site, probably slightly altered more than likely, but it's what I like to do. If you want to know more about me personally, feel free to ask away.

So why choose to go back to update an art blog, well I am relatively pleased with my results, but I do say I have begun to entangle myself into a world of new adventures, and a new major, that would be Finance and Economics. I did, change my major in the last year. I now only have one more year to go. I am pleased with the results, but if you comment below and let me know what you guys want to know about I will gladly blog about it ;) I am very well versed now in Art, Finance, Personal finance, and making money online. I will begin blogging soon.

IS college worth it? As a student I get a lot of benefits, I would recommend looking into how you can become a student who recieves a lot of benefits. I have to take a year in and out of school every now and then just for a B.A because I couldn't always afford it. But now, school is paying for itself ;).

B.Alon Brown